Sizing Guide

Blissfull Creations Sizing Guide

Measuring for a regular sleeve:

Measure your penis from a standing position. Standing is really important because laying down or sitting changes the length. Measure the top side, looking down on your penis, not the under side.
Measure where you want the sleeve to cover. Do NOT push into pubic fat, skin or to the pubic bone. If you do, what you will end up with is a sleeve that is too long on the interior. When you roll it down it will pinch and grab at your pubic flesh or scrotum. If you have long pubic hair you might want to consider trimming it a bit. Silicone loves to grab onto pubic hair, once again this is not really a lot of fun. Save your “fun” up for once the sleeve is on!

Do not round down automatically by a ½”. Go with the measurement of where you want the sleeve to sit, the length you want the sleeve to cover. It is correct that you should round down to the nearest ½”, in most cases but this does not mean you just remove ½” from whatever you measure. 

  • If you are 5” you do not round down to 4.5”, Stay at 5”. 

  • If you are 5.25” you can round down to 5”. 

  • If you are 5.4” round up to 5.5”.

We are pretty accurate with the core but these are hand made and BC has around a +/- ⅛” wiggle room. Being super precise is not really super important. The main thing you want to avoid is just being too long. You do not want an interior 1” longer than you are. That is too much room to make up and it results in a sleeve that will bend and pinch at the gap.

DO NOT ORDER A SLEEVE THAT IS LESS IN DIAMETER THAN YOUR PENIS - Ouch! Sleeves smaller in diameter than your penis can feel very tight. 

Example: If you are 1.8” in diameter do not order a sleeve like the Step-it-Up 6” or 7” x 1.5” or 1.6”. The functionality of a sleeve smaller than you will be horrible. It will feel constrictive and risk splitting the sleeve.

  • If you are under 1.1” a .9” opening diameter is recommended for low and mid-girth sleeves and a 1” diameter for large girth sleeve

  • If you are under 1.5” a 1” opening diameter is recommended for low and mid-girth sleeves and a 1.125” for a large girth sleeve.

  • If you are 1.5” to 1.8” a 1.125" diameter opening diameter is recommended on low and mid-girth sleeves and a 1.25” on large girth sleeves. If you are looking at a sleeve that does not have a 1.125” interior and that is what you require then that sleeve is not for you. The Timmy 2.0 is the only exception, you could order that in a 1" diameter interior. 

  • If you are 1.8” - 2.1” a 1.25” opening diameter interior is recommended on mid girth sleeves and you could step up to a 1.375" on large girth sleeves.  At 1.8" - 2.1" we do not recommend going with a sleeve less that is less that 1.9" in diameter. 

  • If you are 2.2” - 2.4” then you will need a 1.375” opening diameter in mid-girth sleeves. The Mailman is the smallest sleeve you should be looking at. For large girth sleeves you can go up to 1.5” opening diameters.

  • If you are 2.5” and over reach out to BC and we will see what can be done.

Blissfull Creations will have a sleeve that will fit you!

Some Charts to help you determine girth once a sleeve is on:

The links below will help you determine the overall girth added by one of our sleeves, once it is on. Keep in mind the girths given are calculated at the widest diameter of the sleeve. 

The charts at these links are a great side by side size comparisons of our sleeves.