BC Satin/Matte Finish Add-on


This add-on is per sleeve and can only be added to non-durian color selections in your sleeve selection.

Images of Prizefighter in Rosy Non-Durian. The same sleeve before The BC Satin/Matte Finish and after the finish has been applied.

The BC Satin/Matte Finish is a new surface treatment for our silicone. It can be applied to sleeves or solids. The differences between the BC Satin/Matte Finish and Durian are the following:
1. The BC Satin/Matte Finish will not yellow or discolor the silicone over time, Durian can.
2. The BC Satin/Matte Finish has no odor to it.
3. The BC Satin/Matte Finish gives the silicone a satin/matte finish where Durian gives the silicone a dead flat matte finish.
4. The BC Satin/Matte Finish is a topical surface treatment that is not added to the silicone when it is mixed like Durian is. This results in the BC Satin/Matte Finish not altering the shore rating of the silicone. Durian can stiffen silicone.
5. The BC Satin/Matte Finish can be used with all silicones including our "extra-soft", durian can not be used with "extra-soft".
6. The BC Satin/Matte Finish and Durian both reduce the surface friction of silicone. Durian has a slightly more dry feel to it than the BC Satin/Matte Finish does when dry.


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