(TDTZ) Triple Density Triple Zone Add-on, Soft Exterior

This add-on is to further customize a single density sleeve. Single density sleeves are made in our medium silicone. 

The TDTZ is a premium add-on that can be added to certain sleeves. This add-on is made of 3 different zones and silicone firmness ratings. The inner chamber where the penis will reside is made of our soft silicone. This chamber is encased in our firm silicone. This firm silicone area surrounds the penis chamber and extends up and stops just shy where the head of the sleeve begins. These 2 zones are then cast into and encased in our proprietary "skin-soft" silicone. 

Why buy a TDTZ? The advantage of a TDTZ over a dual density or single density sleeve is that the exterior of the shaft and head are very soft. The firm inner core provides extra rigidity without this firm silicone coming into contact with your partner, for the ultimate comfort experience. The firm inner core works as a penis extender keeping the sleeve more rigid to help it resist bending. If you are blessed with a long penis that almost reaches the head of a larger sleeve then you will not benefit from a TDTZ sleeve. You will want to consider a sleeve with a shore adjustment to soft or extra-soft, since your penis will be acting as the firm interior of a TDTZ. If you are looking for a longer sleeve experience and your penis is shy of the head of the sleeve then the TDTZ add-on is worth consideration. 

The TDTZ can not be made with durian. It can only be made in single flesh tone color schemes as well as our regular color options as well as GLOW colors. 

The TDTZ sleeves cannot be shortened. The molds are calibrated for casting each element into the next, altering the length of the sleeve is not possible. 

If the sleeve you want in TDTZ is not in the drop down list it can not be made as a TDTZ. 


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