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How We Came About

Blissfull Creations was created in 2019 to fill a gap in the Adult Novelty Industry, especially in penis sleeves and extensions. There was a lack of body safe sleeves and extensions. We also designed our manufacturing around the concept that each sleeve was to be made custom, to fit the wearer. Resulting in the best fit possible while maintaining the best comfort possible. Customizations include: Color Options, Silicone surface treatments, Outer sleeve length sizing (on most sleeves), Interior sizing to best fit the wearer, and dual or triple density options. Our sleeves differ from most sleeves on the market, in that they do not require a harness or ball strap to keep the sleeve securely in place. Our sleeves are held in place by a suction/interferrence friction fit. Fitting like a second skin for a more natural feel leaving nothing to get in the way of the moment.

A Novelty Becomes Something More

The beauty of a sleeve is its ability to bring fantasy to life. It allows the wearer to become whatever size and shape they desire. Blissfull Creations sleeves are perfect for roleplaying and taking your sexual adventures to the next level. During the design of the novelty line, we found that with a few alterations to a sleeve's interior, a sleeve could become so much more than just a novelty!

With the inclusion of the Blissful Creations Support Sleeve walls and core, a sleeve can help those men who are unable to maintain an erection during sex. The support core and walls help make the sleeve firm enough for penetration while allowing maximum comfort.