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All measuring guidelines can be found on the How To Order page:

BC How to Order

We do not have standing stock, since all of our sleeves are custom cast to fit you. All products are cast in the order in which they were received. We do not skip orders in front of other orders. Depending on the line up in front of your order most sleeves are cast within 5-7 days. We hold all orders for 24 hours after they have been purchased before moving them into casting. This is to allow time for any adjustments that may be needed that might have been overlooked at the time of purchase. 

Yes, as long as they are within 24 hours of when the order was placed. 

No changes can be made once a sleeve has gone into production.

Please reach out to us. We try to monitor all incoming messages but at times it may take 24-48 hours to hear back from us. If there is an issue with your purchase and it is a result of a manufacturing error we will do all we can to make right by you. All products come with a 21 day manufacturing warranty against manufacturing defects.

No, due to the nature of the product we can not accept any returns. We will do all we can to remedy any issues you might have if they pertain to manufacturing problems.

Yes, All our items ship in plain white cardboard box. The return address will read KunleyCo., LLC.

We produce the orders in the order that we receive them. You can purchase express or expedited shipping, but that does not speed up the manufacturing process.


Yes, but if the items are confiscated by customs all risk shall be assumed by the buyer. 

This is possible. We can send it to a Store if you provide the address. You will also need to provide your full name and phone number so the attendant at the FedEx Ship Center can call you once your package has arrived.

We do have a loyalty rewards program. When you sign up you will instantly start to earn discounts eligible for that purchase and future purchases. If you also sign up to receive emails we will from time to time send out additional discount codes. Do not worry we will not flood your email and all information is 100% confidential.


No, the girth of a sleeve is set in the molds.

No, Sleeves can only be made shorter than the standard length. The maximum or stated length is set in the molds and can not be made longer.

No, The exterior details on the sleeve are set in the molds and can not be altered.

Possibly. Depending on the request. Please reach out to us before placing your order.

The exterior texture and shapes of the sleeves are created by the molds and can not be intermingled. To create a hybrid would require a new master model and mold to be made, which is both time consuming and very expensive.

We are working on possible designs for an open ended sleeve. An open ended sleeve requires a nut strap or belt to hold them in place. We are trying to work out a design that would not require either. This will take time to develop. 

No we do not do this. Our sleeves are about a realistic feel during use and movable foreskin is really nothing more than a novelty and adds little to the sensation produced by a good quality silicone sleeve.


Yes, all of our products are third party tested and certified as skin safe. We only use the highest quality platinum set silicone, which is all manufactured in the United States. We do not cut or thin any products to ensure you are getting the highest quality silicone we can offer.

Durian oil comes from the nut of the Durian tree. It is added to the liquid silicone before it is cast. When the casting is removed from the mold it must air cure for 24-48 hrs for the durian to form a low friction matte surface on the casting. Durian only makes the silicone feel more skin-like when it is dry. A Durian sleeve still requires lube during use. Durian is safe unless you have a tropical tree nut allergy. If you have nut allergies of any type we recommend skipping the Durian additive. Neither you nor your partner will be able to tell the difference between a durian and non-durian sleeve during intercourse.

We recommend using a 100% water based lube. We have tested silicone based lube and hybrid silicone based lubes with softer silicones and have found them unsuitable for use. Regardless of what the manufacturers claim they will dissolve the surfaces of softer silicones.

The best way to store your sleeves is to wrap them loosely in a soft breathable cloth. This will help ensure that the sleeves can dry should there be any moisture on the surface or interior after washing.

Sunlight will not affect a non-durian sleeve but durian can yellow from UV exposure.

While a sleeve is non-porous and should not allow fluids to escape they have not been tested nor are they recommended to be a form of contraception.

Yes a condom can be worn under a sleeve. Wearing one over a sleeve will not help if you are wearing it as a form of contraception.

You will have a sensation while wearing the sleeve and you should be able to reach climax. It will of course feel different but since the silicone mimics the feel of flesh it will be an enjoyable sensation. 

The Artist, The Chuck, The Quarterback, The Ninja, The Samurai, The Shogun, and all The Timmys taper in design.

No, your mail delivery person will not be able to tell what is inside the package if you are ordering within the United States. Outside of the United States all packages have to have detailed content descriptions to make it through customs. We try to be vague and discreet but some countries like Sweden and Canada want detailed descriptions or the packages will be returned to us. We label the detailed contents on the customs forms and place them in an envelope. Hopefully the customs agents are as discreet when placing them back in the customs pouch when they are finished with them. We are unable to control how they will handle them.

Our standard sleeves come in BC Medium. We also offer a variety of firmnesses based on the need of the sleeve. We use proprietary silicones in five levels of firmness. (Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, Firm, and Extra Firm). If you are unsure which to chosse, please purchase the Shore Samples from our Plugs and Accessories page.

You can do bth of these things but it is not necessary. Silicone is a closed cell rubber meaning it is non-porous. Simply washing it in warm water with a mild soap is sufficient.

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