Sleeve and Toy Care

Sleeve and Toy Care

Sleeve and toy care is simple. We only use 100% of the highest quality platinum set,medical grade silicone, which is all manufactured in the United States.What does this actually mean? Silicone, while porous, has pours so small that bacteria can not penetrate past the surface of the material. It also means that the silicone has been tested by a third party and was found to be inert and that it does not leach chemicals and is safe for contact with skin. Platinum set silicones are the safest materials for use in the adult novelty industry. 

To keep your sleeves and toys fresh and safe, washing them in a mild soap and warm water. Once your toys are washed, make sure that that they are properly dried before storage. For durian sleeves we recommend wrapping them in a soft breathable material like a cotton towel. This will help keep the smell of the durian from building up durian storage. 

Boiling your silicone is unnecessary and can damage sleeves that have durian in them. We do not recommended boiling them.

A good way to ensure that your toys are completely dry before storage is to give them a light dusting of corn starch after drying them. This will absorb any residual moisture as well as help keep softer silicones from feeling tacky. 

Do not use silicone lubes with your purchases. Silicone lubes can degrade the surface of silicone toys.

We recommend a good quality water based lube.  

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to reach out tous.