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Blissfull Creations Support Sleeves

support sleeve diagram

Blissfull Creations Support Sleeve 2.0 (BCSS), Patent Pending. 

The Blissfull Creations Support Sleeve 2.0 (BCSS) can help people with Erectile Dysfunction or people who go flaccid during penetrative sex. They can also be customized to help any number of issues that do not allow a penis to obtain an erection. 

The elements for the sleeve can be seen in the Illustration above. The sleeve features a soft tip to mimic the feel of a real penis head for extra comfort for your partner (shown in Blue). The exterior of the shaft is constructed of a very firm silicone to give structure to the shaft. This allows the sleeve to remain usable for penetrative sex with or without an erection (Shown in orange). The Inner shaft is made of an extra-soft silicone, this gives the best comfort to the wearer. It also holds tight and ensures that the sleeve will not move during use (shown in Green). The custom reverse taper shaped interior works to gently restrict blood flow from leaving the penis. It also helps pull the penis out and away from the body as the sleeve is rolled down the penis.  

To build you a BCSS we need additional measurements beyond just the length of your penis and its average diameter. From these measurements a 3D rod will be printed that will be used to create the correct taper needed to fit the wearer. The rod does not stay in the sleeve, it is used in the casting process to make the hollow opening in the sleeve and is removed after the silicone is cured. A reverse tapered rod is not always needed for men with larger penies. This will be determined from the measurements you give us, we will determine the best fit for you that will be both comfortable and enable the sleeve to function properly for penetrative sex. 

If you are unable to obtain an erection then you will want to measure your length while flaccid. If you are able to obtain an erection long enough to put the sleeve on then you will want to measure the length while erect. 

To measure a flaccid penis gently grab your penis glans and pull the penis straight out from the body. Do not pull further than what is comfortable. Use a rigid ruler and measure the length  and other measurements while the penis is pulled or extended away from the body. 

The measurements/information that is needed are as follows. They must be selected in the dropdown boxes on the sleeve page. 

  1. Length of penis from tip to the abdomen wall. Do not press into abdomen/pubic fat. 
  2. Diameter of the penis head, at its widest part. 
  3. Diameter of penis shaft at mid-shaft. 
  4. Diameter of penis at the base where it meets the abdomen wall. 
  5. Are you able to obtain an erection long enough to roll the sleeve down over your penis? 

If you have any other information you would like to share that can help us understand your individual issue or concerns please contact us through the “contact” form located here. 

*If you are more comfortable using the metric system please feel free to enter your measurements mm or cm.  

All sleeves are made to order. I have no standing stock. These are custom made for you. 

All items are cast as they were received and are shipped as soon as possible. We do not do expedited manufacturing.