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The girth calculators are currently not working this simple step by step will help you determine the overall girth a sleeve will add once it is on.

  1. Take the circumference of the sleeve and divide that by 3.14. This will convert the circumference to the diameter of the sleeve for the rest of the equation (For example lets use the Barney sleeve which has a circumference of 5.6", divide that by 3.14 which will give you a diameter of roughly 1.8")
  2. Take that 1.8 and subtract the interior opening you will have cast into the sleeve. (For the example use 1.125" diameter interior opening, 1.8 - 1.125 = .675". .675" is the thickness of the silicone in the shaft area of the sleeve).
  3. Take the difference from step 2 which is .675 and add the diameter of your penis (for example say 1.7" diameter penis plus .675 = 2.375" in diameter once the sleeve is on. This number can be safely reduced by 10% to reflect variables that will inhibit that much expansion. 2.375 x .1 = 2.14" girth expected once the sleeve is on.

How To Order

Here is how to place an order and what to consider before placing your order:

 Disclaimer: All of our products are custom made to the specifications ordered.  All sales are final.  Please read this page before placing an order. If you have questions, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page.


Sizing Guide:


Measure your penis in an erect state, while standing. Measure the length from the top side, not the balls side. DoNOT push into pubic fat, skin or to the pubic bone. If you do, what you will end up with is a sleeve that is too long on the interior. When you roll it down it will pinch and grab at your pubic flesh or scrotum.

Measure the length of your penis that you want the sleeve to cover. Do not round down automatically by a ½”. Go with the measurement of where you want the sleeve to cover. If you are in between lengths, then you can round down. 

  • If you are 5” you do not round down to 4.5”, Stay at 5”.

  • If you are 5.25” you can round down to 5”.

  • If you are 5.4” round up to 5.5”.

We are pretty accurate with the core but these are hand made and BC has around a +/- ⅛” wiggle room. The main thing you want to avoid is being too long on the interior. 


The interior of a sleeve is not intended to be the same diameter as your penis or larger. The interiors are intended to be smaller than the diameter of your penis. This creates an air tight fit that creates the suction/friction fit that will hold the sleeve in place. Follow the charts below or use the "contact us" option at the top of the page to figure out what diameter interior is right for you. 

Measure your erection's diameter in several spots and take the average. If there is a distinct difference in one area of your penis diameter, say the head is 2.25" in diameter but the shaft is 1.5" message us for fitting assistance. Otherwise, take your average diameter and use that number to determine the interior size needed for your sleeve.

If you are having a hard time measuring the diameter, you can use the string method.  Wrap a string around your erection and mark the length.  Measure the string and divide that number by 3.14.  That will give you your diameter.

 This chart will help you select the correct interior diameter you will need to select from the dropdown. If you need help finding the right diameter, reach out to us. 

DO NOT ORDER A SLEEVE WITH AN EXTERIOR DIAMETER THAT IS LESS THAN YOUR PENIS - Ouch! Sleeves smaller in diameter than your penis can feel very tight.

Determine the max girth you want to be once the sleeve is on. There is a Girth Calculator under the Add to Cart Button on each sleeve.

Sleeve List by Length:

Sleeve List by Girth:


Only fleshtones are available in Durian. 

Below are examples of our glow colors. 


When buying GLOW colors it is best to charge them with a UV light. They charge quicker and glow brighter than when charged with sunlight. 

Surface Finishes: 


Durian cannot be used with BC “Extra-Soft” Silicone.

Our Durian Additive is derived from Durian Tree Nut Oil.  When added to silicone it forms a low friction feeling surface to the silicone. This is only beneficial when the sleeve is dry. When a Durian sleeve is dry it has a silky feel like human skin. Durian does have a smell to it. The smell registers differently to different people. To some it smells sweet white to others it can smell smoky or have a sulfur based smell to it.

Durian does not mean you will not need lube for penetration. A high quality water based lube is necessary for all silicone sleeves. Our Body-Safe Silicones have a surface friction coefficient three times that of human skin and the only way to overcome this friction is with a good quality water based lube. If ordering a dual density sleeve you may consider skipping the durian. Durian tends to stiffen silicone a bit. To experience the true softness of a dual density tip we recommend skipping the durian. 


BC Satin/Matte Finish:

The BC Satin/Matte Finish Add-on can only be added to non-durian colors.

Images of Prizefighter in Rosy Non-Durian. The sleeve on the left has our Satin/Matte Finish.  The sleeve on the right is our standard Non-Durian finish.


The BC Satin/Matte Finish is a new surface treatment for our silicone. It can be applied to sleeves or solids. The differences between the BC Satin/Matte Finish and Durian are the following:
1. The BC Satin/Matte Finish will not yellow or discolor the silicone over time, Durian can.
2. The BC Satin/Matte Finish has no odor to it.
3. The BC Satin/Matte Finish gives the silicone a satin/matte finish where Durian gives the silicone a dead flat matte finish.
4. The BC Satin/Matte Finish is a topical surface treatment that is not added to the silicone when it is mixed like Durian is. This results in the BC Satin/Matte Finish not altering the shore rating of the silicone. Durian can stiffen silicone.
5. The BC Satin/Matte Finish can be used with all silicones including our "extra-soft.”
6. The BC Satin/Matte Finish and Durian both reduce the surface friction of silicone. Durian has a slightly more dry feel to it than the BC Satin/Matte Finish does when dry.


Shorten Sleeve Option: 

Shortening the exterior of a sleeve is an option for most sleeves. Sleeves that cannot be shortened will be labeled in the item description. In order for the sleeve to function properly, there must be a minimum of 1" of solid silicone at the tip of the sleeve.  For example, if the sleeve is 8” long and the interior is 5.5", the shortest the sleeve can be made is 6.5"

Shore Rating Adjustment:

The Shore Rating Adjustment can alter the firmness of the silicone from what we normally offer. Our single density sleeves come in our medium silicone and our dual density sleeves come with our “soft” silicone in the head of the sleeve and our “medium” silicone in the shaft of the sleeve. Since everybody is different some may find that they prefer a softer sleeve or a firmer sleeve. If you need help deciding just reach out to our customer service, we are here to help. 

Dual Density:

This add-on makes the sleeve in two densities, the tip will be made in our “soft” silicone to mimic the softness of actual penis glans while the shaft will be firmer, made out of our “medium” silicone.

The Single Color option will result in the sleeve being one solid color.  You also have the option of making the sleeve two colors.  For flesh tones the tip will be pinkish and the shaft will be the chosen color (Pale, Rosy, Tan or Dark as seen in the images).  For all other colors, please select the shaft color and message us with the desired tip color.

Ordering a Dual Density Sleeve: Dual density sleeves require a longer solid tip than a regular sleeve. Whereas a regular sleeve requires 1" of solid tip in the sleeve, a dual density sleeve requires 1.5" of solid tip in the sleeve.  

Dual Density color scheme is not available with TDTZ.


Triple Zone:

This add-on makes the sleeve in three zones with two densities, the tip and the inside of the shaft will be made in our “soft” silicone to mimic the softness of actual penis glans while the exterior shaft will be in our “firm” silicone. 

Triple Zone sleeves cannot be made with Durian and they cannot be shortened.

The Single Color option will result in the sleeve being one solid color.  You also have the option of making the sleeve two colors.  For flesh tones the tip and inner shaft will be pinkish and the shaft will be the chosen color (Pale, Rosy, Tan or Dark as seen in the images).  For all other colors, please select the shaft color and message us with the desired tip color.

Triple Density Triple Zone:

The (TDTZ) Triple Density Triple Zone Add-on, Soft Exterior add-on is to further customize certain single density sleeves. Single density sleeves are made in our medium silicone.(TDTZ) Triple Density Triple Zone Add-on, Soft Exterior

This add-on is made of 3 different zones and silicone firmness ratings.

  • The inner chamber where the penis will reside is made of our “soft” silicone.
  • This chamber is encased in our “firm” silicone. This “firm” silicone area surrounds the penis chamber and extends up and stops just shy where the head of the sleeve begins.
  • These 2 zones are then cast into and encased in our proprietary "skin-soft" silicone. 

TDTZ sleeves cannot be made with Dual Density color scheme.

TDTZ sleeves cannot be made with Durian and they cannot be shortened. 

If the sleeve you want in TDTZ is not in the drop down list, TDTZ is NOT an option. 

    Why buy a TDTZ?

    The advantage of a TDTZ over a dual density or single density sleeve is that the exterior of the shaft and head are very soft. The “extra-firm” inner core (located in the area between the tip of your penis and the tip of the sleeve) provides extra rigidity which is perfect for longer extensions. The inner shaft surrounding you penis is made of our medium silicone that is encased on the outside of the sleeve with our "skin soft" silicone. 

    Since the area of the shaft where your penis will go is very elastic the sizing works a bit different. You can follow the normal sizing chart found above but if you are 1.8" - 2" you do not need to step up to a 1.25" diameter interior. You can stay with the 1.125" diameter interior. 

    If you are blessed with a long penis that almost reaches the head of a larger sleeve then you will not benefit from a TDTZ sleeve. You will want to consider a sleeve with a shore adjustment to soft or extra-soft, since your penis will be acting as the firm interior of a TDTZ.

    If you are looking for a longer sleeve experience and your penis is shy of the head of the sleeve, then the TDTZ add-on is worth consideration.(TDTZ) Triple Density Triple Zone Add-on, Soft Exterior