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The girth calculators are currently not working this simple step by step will help you determine the overall girth a sleeve will add once it is on.

  1. Take the circumference of the sleeve and divide that by 3.14. This will convert the circumference to the diameter of the sleeve for the rest of the equation (For example lets use the Barney sleeve which has a circumference of 5.6", divide that by 3.14 which will give you a diameter of roughly 1.8")
  2. Take that 1.8 and subtract the interior opening you will have cast into the sleeve. (For the example use 1.125" diameter interior opening, 1.8 - 1.125 = .675". .675" is the thickness of the silicone in the shaft area of the sleeve).
  3. Take the difference from step 2 which is .675 and add the diameter of your penis (for example say 1.7" diameter penis plus .675 = 2.375" in diameter once the sleeve is on. This number can be safely reduced by 10% to reflect variables that will inhibit that much expansion. 2.375 x .1 = 2.14" girth expected once the sleeve is on.

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