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Blissfull Creations Bareback Bayonet for use without a sleeve.

The Blissfull Creations Bayonet Attachment is a platinum set silicone attachment that can be used for double penetration. This version has smaller holes so you can wear it directly on your penis without a sleeve. The hole sizes are 1" or 1.125", if you normally take a 1.25" diameter interior a 1.125" will still work for you. The Bayonet comes in three sizes for all of your adventures. It can be made in dual density single color or dual density two color. The Bayonet comes with our BC "soft" silicone for the head and our BC "Firm" silicone for the shaft and connector ring. This makes the Bayonet comfortable for your partner as well as firm enough for penetration. 

The Small Bayonet measures 5.25" (13.34 cm) on insertable length and 4" (10.1 cm) of girth. 1" holes fits penises from 1.1" - 1.6", 1.125" hole fits penises from 1.5" to 2". 

The Medium Bayonet measures 6.25" (15.87 cm) on insertable length and 4.75" (12.1 cm) of girth. 1" holes fits penises from 1.1" - 1.6", 1.125" hole fits penises from 1.5" to 2". 

The Large Bayonet measures 7.25" (18.64 cm) on insertable length and 5.25" (13.34 cm) of girth. 1" holes fits penises from 1.1" - 1.6", 1.125" hole fits penises from 1.5" to 2". 

The Bayonet can be made with or without the satin/matte finish. No durian option for the Bayonet. 

The Bareback Bayonet comes in one orientation for each size. 


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Measuring Guide

You will need to measure your penis in an erect state (length only). All sleeves stretch and come with 1" diameter opening. Choose the size interior that is the closest match. When measuring, make sure you add a 1/4", if you have pubic fat. When determining the width of the interior or inside of the sleeve, we recommend keeping the following in mind. If your toy or penis is between 1.25" and 1.5" in diameter go with the 1" width. If your toy or penis is over 1.5" in width you might want to step up to the 1.125" diameter for a more comfortable fit. This sleeve allows for a 1.25" diameter core as well. I only recommend this for men approaching or passing a 2" diameter penis. Do not order it too wide or it will slip around.


Quick side by side reference of all sleeve specifications we offer:
The Barney: 8” x 1.8” (girth of 5.6”)
Mr. Slim: 10” x 1.9” (girth of 5.96”)
Tickle Me Pickle: 7.75" x 2” (girth of 6.25”)
The English Gentleman: 7.5" x 1 ⅝” (girth of 5.1”)
The Pool Boy: 8" x 1.9” (girth of 5.9")
The Quarterback: 7.75" x 1.95” (girth of 6.125")
The Mailman: 8" x 2.125” (girth of 6.67”)
The Artist: 9.5" x 2” (girth of 6.5”)
The Mammoth: 10" x 2.25” (girth of 7”)
The Hog: 8" x 2.46” (girth of 7.72")
The Vlad: 11" x 2.25” (girth of 7")
The Dragonslayer: 9.25" x 2.54” (girth of 8”)
The Woodsman: 8" x 1.9” (girth of 5.96”)
The Woodland Elf: 9.5" x 2.25” (girth of 7.065")
The Woodland Wizard: 10.5" x 2.5” (girth of 7.85")
The Woodland God: 8" x 3” (girth of 9.42")
The ICON 12" x 3.5" (girth of 11")
The Guru 9" x 2.35" (7.38" girth)
The Bodybuilder 8" x 1.25" - 3.25" diameter (max 8.75" girth @ knots)
The Chuck 7.5" x 1.75" in diameter (5.5" in girth)
The Ninja 7" x 1.75" in diameter (5.5" girth)
The Timmy 7" x 1.75" in diameter (5.5" girth)