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Customize My Sleeve

Looking to add some spice to your sleeve?

We now offer further customizations.

We offer glitter, metallic colors, custom mixed colors, stripes, and more.

You must contact us prior to purchasing this add on. Let us know what you have in mind.

***If you purchase this add-on without consulting us first, we will cancel the order.

Here's how to get your sleeve customized:

Step 1:  Reach out to us with your idea here:

Step 2:  We will respond within 12-24 hours, please be patient we are a small company.  We will then tell you which tier to add to your order.

Step 3:  You purchase your desired sleeve and the Customize My Sleeve Add On with the correct tier.

Step 4:  We cast the sleeve and send it to you to Enjoy!

Tier levels are based on the difficulty and time needed to create your desired effect.

The more complicated, the higher the tier.

Please remember, all of our products are hand made, and adding customizations may result in longer processing times (don't worry we are talking days not weeks) to make sure we get your sleeve just right.

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