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Blissfull Creations Shore Samples

Blissfull Creations Shore Samples

Interested in what our silicones feel like? All of our silicones are 100% body safe certified. We do not cut our silicones with thinners or solvents. Our sleeves and plugs come in BC extra-soft, BC soft, BC medium and BC firm.

At the end of each casting cycle here at the shop there is always a bit of silicone left over. We have decided to cast these sample plug, so you can feel the silicone before making a large investment. They come in random colors since they are cast using left over silicone. This helps us from being wasteful and keeps the cost to a minimum for you.
The Blissfull Creations Shore Samples pack includes

  • 1 BC Extra-Soft
  • 1 BC Soft
  • 1 BC Medium 
  • 1 BC Firm 

These are unique to our products and can not be relied upon to determine the feel of another companies silicone.

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