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Solid Firm Silicone Rod for Sleeves

BC Extra Firm Silicone Rods are exclusively designed for use with Blissfull Creations sleeves. Rods are sold individually and made of thehighest qualityplatinum set, medical grade silicone, these silicone rods come in 7" lengths and areall made in the United States.

For used with our suction cups, you can trim the length of the BC silicone rods down to fit within the sleeve. Or leave them a little long to aid as a handle for some solid play time. 

These BC Extra Firm silicone rods will turn your sleeve into a dual density solid. The color is translucent pink. They do not come in other colors. This silicone rod is shown together with a near clear Pool Boy sleeve for visualization. .

Sizing for which rod fits your sleeve are as follows: 

  • Sleeves with a .9" diameter interior need a 1" diameter rod. 

  • Sleeves with a 1" diameter interior need a 1.125" diameter rod. 

  • Sleeves with a 1.125" diameter interior need a 1.25" diameter rod. 

  • Sleeves with a 1.25" diameter interior need a 1.375" diameter rod.

Your safety is unquestionably our priority. Therefore, all Blissfull Creations silicone rods, penis sleeves and accessoriesare third party tested and certified as skin safe. To ensure you are getting the highest quality silicone we can offer, we have a proprietary blend silicone and do not cut or thin any products.

Blissfull Creations specializes in custom made realistic and fantasy penis sleeves/extensions for men and your toys. You can add inches to your length and girth depending on which sleeve you choose.We custom make eachBlissful Creation ensuring its fit is perfect and as comfortable as possible. We have no standing stock specifically because our products are made on demand to your custom specifications.

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